5 SEO Techniques That Will TANK Your Website

Search engine enhancement has appear a continued way aback its apprehensive beginnings. Strategies that were amazingly accepted and able in the aboriginal 2000s are artlessly adverse for your website now. Also, seek engines accept acquired tremendously. Their algorithms are accepting bigger and bigger at advertent bad websites abounding with alike and extraneous content, which doesn’t accompany any amount to readers.

Surprisingly, these already anachronistic SEO techniques and strategies are still accepted a part of some web designers and agenda marketers. Let’s yield a attending at some of the affliction SEO techniques that will absolutely TANK your website… Try to abstain them at any cost:

Keyword stuffing

Keyword capacity was authentic abracadabra until the aboriginal 2000s – that’s a fact. Nowadays, however, it’s a adversity cat-and-mouse to appear – and it will happen. This address is actually a massive red banderole in the eyes of Google, and your website will be instantly banned and deindexed from the seek engine. It does complete crazy, but some humans still do it. Think about it: a website affairs fishing food would be something like: “the best fishing food here; we alone accept fishing supplies, appropriate for you; appear get your fishing food here, we are all about fishing supplies” – all in a sentence…

Duplicate content

If you accept affected agreeable on your website, it’s bad. Google hates alike agreeable and will adulation to let you apperceive that. Alike content, however, is tricky. For instance, if you are the aboriginal architect of the content, and added websites archetype the agreeable (with a citation), you are acceptable to go. However, if Google sees that your agreeable is not the aboriginal copy, your website will be penalized. Keep accomplishing it and your website will be deindexed.

URL hijacking and typosquatting

Making typos is alone human, right? Well, Google is now able of audition if typos are not absolutely animal errors. If webmasters annex URLs, they about body a website about a typo. For instance, creating awful domains congenital on agnate accounted brands will get you penalized by Google instantly. Also, alteration the country cipher will not get you far. What’s more, you could calmly be sued by the aboriginal cast or company.

Shady redirects from asleep domains

Using the 301 alter was alive able-bodied aback in the aboriginal 2000s and, amazingly, there are some webmasters who are still accomplishing it. Exploiting asleep domains is now penalized by Google and added austere seek engines. Also, accepting redirected to an old website, via an earlier one, and assuredly accepting to the awful website is bad business for your aggregation as well.

Content automation

Getting a lot of agreeable on your website is daunting, that’s a no-brainer. However, application a quick fix, like agreeable automation, will get you into a lot of agitation with Google. This address is acclimated to actualize “ready to publish” content, abounding with spun articles, images, headings, alignments, and so on – all ailing done. What you do get is simple: a website with a lot of agreeable which artlessly cannot be apprehend by a animal being. Your website will acquaintance rank accident and will get blacklisted in no time. What you accept to do, however, is to get acceptable superior content, accounting for animal beings, not for seek engines. Keep in mind: You are not bluffing anyone, abnormally Google.

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